About Us

We care deeply about preventing blindness. We have committed to using part of our net profit toward saving sight in the regions where it is needed most. It is time to revolutionize eye health by building accurate equipment that is accessible and affordable. Visual impairment and blindness is a global problem, with 253 million people suffering with this disability around the world, 80% of these cases were preventable or treatable. It is unfortunate that a 90% of those cases are found in developing areas. 
Established in 2014 by Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong and Dr. Benjamin O'Keeffe, oDocs Eye Care (formerly OphthalmicDocs) is an innovative company in the field of portable eye care founded in New Zealand. In 2014, Dr Hong Sheng Chiong made a bare move by introducing the concept of open sourcing and 3D printing, allowing a smartphone based fundus scope to be made available world wide to increase affordability and accessibility of eye care equipment.
With thousands of users, our social  approach has inspired many others to join the initiative. In 2018, the increase in users have encouraged and supported us to set up our very first Australian branch in Perth.
oDocs Australia
U9 12 Forster Avenue, Lathlain 6100 WA, PERTH
ABN: 23308933237
Contact: 0435 048 280